About ME

Very warm welcome to festivalsandmore.com!!

Namaskar/Hello/Hi !! My name is Smieetaa. Born and brought up in a small town called as Aundhgaon(Pune,Maharashtra,India) which is now a major attraction to reside in. My neighborhood had Punjabis, Gujratis, Tamils, Sindhis, Muslims and Maharashtrians. Due to this, every other day I could see people celebrating festivals. I inherit the enthusiasm from my Parents who celebrated all the festivals with equal zeal.

That’s me!!

I completed my schooling and graduation in Pune itself. I am an Alumni of Cummins College of Engineering. Trust me, my college has also contributed a lot in celebrating life :). I am an Software Engineer by profession and have been in Information Technology for 16 years now. I am very passionate about my work. And it is not just a 9.00 to 5.00 thing for me.

I am a foodie, a wanderer and I love writing. I feel expressed whenever I hold a pen and write something. I love sharing my experiences and perhaps that is the reason for me to have started my blog in year 2007. Apart from food, places, and celebrations I love observing people(no I am not judgmental) . That is the reason, I note my observations.. where ? That is a secret. But people around me did not want that to remain a secret which is when I published my first book “FaceIT – Bewitching stories of Human Onions”

I once met someone who said “Bhindi ki sabji khani he toh United states q aaye ho(Why are you travelling to US if you wanted to eat Indian style Okra?)” that kind of moved me. Since then, I travel with an open mind and eat anything that smells good . It has to smell and look attractive. I celebrate festivals with food, fabric, and festive decor. I try as much as possible to map it to a digital experience. Festivalsandmore.com is sharing that experience digitally.

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