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Anaahat-Grand launch of Music Circle!!!

Swarsangam foundation in association with Umbilical Connections Events Pvt. Ltd are organising a event. The event will see launch of a music circle called “Anaahat” which promises one musical concert every quarter(small/big scale). The intention of music circle is to promote indian classical music . The launch will be at the hands of Ustad. Taufiq Qureshi who will also perform in the event.


Also, the evening will see performances by Shri. Shrinivas Joshi,


Pt. Rajan kulkarni and his son Sarang kulkarni,


Pt. Ramdas Palsule and Shri. Omkar Dalvi.



The entry to event is free, but is restricted to pass holders and invitees.So do join to witness the unheard sounds  of Sarod, jembe, Tabla, Pakhwaj with Vocals.

Review: Shakuntala @Avavaya Contemporary dance festival

I had never attended a dance festival as such. I always thought it would be something as shown in “Dil to pagal he” where they keep dancing on some theme. A big thanks to “Bhinoy Japher” for inviting us to a Contemporary dance festival called “Avavaya”.
Bhinoy is known to me as multitalented person who has a good mastery over dance. He briefed about the theme which they had planned for. It was a based on “Shakuntala”. I had seen different version of Shakuntala be it on Television, college plays, Bharatanatyam performance or a musical concert.
The show was hosted in Shamrao Kalmadi high school on 19th April 2015. They have a huge auditorium which caters the needs of a dance festival. We were half an hour late (as usual ;-)). When we reached “high kicks group” were performing. It took me some time to soak the happening.
After half an hour there was an announcement about “Shakuntala” by Space studios. I was all eager and excited to watch the same. The opening was by immensely sparkling dance performance depicting Walmiki and Menka‘s love story which gives birth to “Shakuntala”. The actress performing Shakuntala was dressed in red and was very good at her dialogue delivery. Swapnil Dagliya was performing Dushantya and “Bhinoy” played Yaksha.. The costumes were well planned and explained the characters well.


The romantic dance sequences between Shakuntala and Dushantya were very well choreographed and explained their chemistry well. The play was in Hinglish and easily understandable to one and all. The dialogues were written extremely well. Lights and sound combinations were well planned.
Entries and exits for the characters were too good. I loved the entry which Bhinoy took. He just jumped from the audience and everybody was startled.
And last but not the least the underlying truth “Shakuntala and love Lust” extremely well put up. Many congratulations and applaud to entire team for putting up such a well-planned show.
Great job folks!!
Other information and photos can be picked from the link:

International women’s day celebration to Umbilical Connections..

Being in IT for 12+ years, participating in every activity held or organizing events for colleagues made me realize that managing events makes me happy. To take it to next level I seeked advises from 100s of known, few unknown and few who had done the same before. On thought over for 7 years finally I felt that it has to start and perhaps the early the better it is. How to Register an event company is going to be another blog, but here I m putting down my thoughts, my experiences while managing  my first event and  very important  “attitude of people” towards me while taking these steps!

I always wanted to begin events with something either for children or women. Considering that in mind and talking with few other like minded we thought of celebrating 8th march which is international women’s day. Initially it was something using Rangoli, but then lot of art galleries denied putting up Rangoli.

Completely demotivated, I dropped the idea thinking it is not possible. I did not think about it until I met few very respectable personalities and who are very experienced in their own businesses. They motivated me to rethink the idea. By that time February was half passed.

Rethinking got me a clearer and doable plan. The first thing I did was booked a venue. Luckily, I got a fantastic venue location wise, facility wise and perfect for the intended event. The idea was to get renowned women from different walks of life. I started calling people I knew, started asking friends for their connections and so on. Lot of them encouraged and  so many  of them cautioned. Some of them accompanied me  and some ignored.


Inviting people to come down for the event is toughest job. And when you are beginner it is all the more difficult. Being optimistic using all the possible ways I could invited about 100-120 people in person.

Simultaneously, I looked for sponsorer . As difficult it is to convince people to come for a program it is equally difficult to convince sponsorer to give money. Few of the people who knew me reverted. I knew that I had to invest some capital from my side so just went ahead with whatever plan I had in my mind.

What worked well!!

For talk session and performances i invited my friends who were already into communications/ counselling/NGOs and they really liked the idea. They were very excited to be part of the event. With some ads on social media and through word of mouth we did whatever we could to brand.


finally the day arrived, and my stomach had butterflies. I could feel the anxiety.

We begin on time as we were fortunate to have guest before time.  Right from felicitation to panel discussion the sessions went well.

We had a scrumptious meal break and we started the sessions for parenting.

That was the most interactive session and then we had some emotional role plays. At the end we created a group called “umbilical connections” for creating a stroner network. Overall it was amazing time spent.

Best part:

The guest Pinal Wankhede( Dr. silver utopian pvt. Ltd, Zareen  Cheema(inspires to be astronaut), Ubhe Maushi and Laigude maushi(from NGO), Panchalli Thatte(athlete) and Indira were extremely modest and true inspiration. The presenters Bhinoy, Reena, Rajani and Ankita kept the crowd engrossed. Vinod and Suhas took memorable pictures.  Overall a decent put up.

Lessons learnt:

I felt sad for people  who said yes and did not turn up. I personally feel that we need to be a little-courteous. How difficult it is for one to drop an SMS / note? There are efforts behind a public event and it is matter of credibility “my-credibility” in front of sponsorers/chief guest.  As a friend I would never do this to any one.

Chalte Chalte:

Never mind there is always another event to make  up for. :d having said that please do not ignore me next time I walk to you thinking  I am inviting you for some event :d it would be just for  a hi..

Rangoli Workshops

10641004_723766054366010_8083662943528046423_nRangoli has been my passion ever since i learnt it the sanskar-bharti style.Sanskar-bharti Rangoli is known for its largeness, color combinations and carpet like feel.  While in sansk
ar bharti I did attend several classes and had learnt some. 10408083_882144561796911_8443472841191696484_nStarted drawing wherever and whenever i could get an chance 🙂 my own familiy functions or society programs or college functions or office functions.


While drawing for a society function someone asked me if I could conduct classes? I knew that i was not an Pro to do the same, so thought that may be i can conduct Workshops. 10410399_879712445373456_6109553480875177342_nSome basic workshop which would than atleast  give some idea about Sanskar-bharti and how to begin.With help of some friends advertised about the workshop and got an amazing response.

Knowledge improves on sharing…is what i learnt from this experience.  10420310_889518567726177_5123738294441060518_nThe audience included small elderly ladies ..everyone full of enthusiam and in zeal to learn something new.


Wow..we took about 6-7 workshops in different societies belonging to different areas of pune. The feeling of sharing knowledge and doing something you love is invaluable.Looking forward for some more and for a large audience.