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Besan Ladoo

Swaraj watches chota bheem a lot and is hugely influenced by him. So much such that he   will get into the character of Bheem and make me  tun tun mausi 🙂

Whenever Bheem is having ladoo, this fellow will run behind me for making one.

The very first time he asked me I was shocked as  I never made ladoos except for rava ladoos.

My mother always said Besan ladoos are fastest to make, full of protein as they are made from Chana daal and liked by many.

So thought of giving it a try and guess what, I can make reasonable good Besan ladoos.

I can say confident ally as so many of my friends ate it and appreciated it. Ask to make for them as well.

Reciepe is very simple…


Besan flour: 2 cups

Sugar(pithi sakhar): 1-1/2 cups

Almond and Cashew nuts,

cardamom powder: 1 tsp

nutmeg powder: 1 tsp

Ghee: 1 cup

Method 1:

  1. Heat a pan and add Besan flour  in it.
  2. Saute it till you get that nice roasted smell of chana daal.
  3. Add sugar and mix well till smell nice sweet flavor mixed in besan.
  4. Pour that 1 cup of ghee and keep stirring.Make sure that  the gas is on sim and you are not burning the mixture.
  5. Once mixed, switch off the gas and let the mixture cool. You might want to keep it in refrigerator to expedite the process.
  6. Remove the mixture and make round ladoos or whatever shape you think you can turn it to..
  7. they simply taste awesome.


Method 2:

  1. Heat  the pan and add ghee (Gowardhan tastes better)to it.
  2. Once it is hot, add besan to it and keep sauteing till it turns golden brown.
  3. Add cardamon powder and  nutmeg powder,
  4. Simmer the gas and saute for 2 more minutes.
  5. Switch off the gas and get the entire mixture in a  plate.
  6. Let it cool.
  7. Add sugar to it and mix it nicely.
  8. Let it cool. Use your refrigerator for better results.
  9.  Roll it out  to make delicious ladoos…


Tilachi Vadi-Makar Sankrant-2016

Last year the ladoos I made were too hard and sticky, so had a challenge of making it right this year.After going through so many food blogs, and checking with everybody I finally started with my little knowledge  in cooking..

IMG_1031We need very few ingredients for making til(sesame) wadi.


1 cup – Sesame/Til,

1 cup- Groundnut powder,

1 cup – jaggery,

2 tbsp-Ghee,

Cardamomom and nutmeg powder,

To begin, roast groundnut and sesame seeds separately. Let it cool.

IMG_1021IMG_1020Remove the ground nut cover and grind it coarsely. Repeat the same for Sesame seeds.IMG_1022

Make sure they are not roasted too it will taste bitter.

Next  heat the pan pour Ghee in it and add jaggery. Allow the jaggery to melt and foam.


When that happens, switch off the heat. Mix the sesame powder and ground powder.


Add cardamom and nutmeg for flavor.Take a square plate with deep bottom, grease it with ghee and spread the mixture uniformly.

IMG_1025Use knife to make pieces while it is warm. Once it cools you will not be able too.



Try it!!! and let me know your comments…

J1-जेवण-The MARATHA FINE DINE place

I had been to Lakshmi road for Diwali shopping. All of a sudden it started raining and had to drop the plan as it was already around 8-8.15 ish. I was thinking of going to Shabree for Dinner, so took an auto for Ghole road.IMG_0763

While taking left I read something like J1-जेवण, the Maratha fine dine. As it is I was in the mood of having simple food and thought of exploring the place.
Coming to the point:

IMG_0752IMG_0749 Ambience: passionately designed, it includes variety of artifacts representing the Marathi way of life be it utensils, furniture or more. Very well designed.

IMG_0755 Food: I had ordered kanda bhaji, bharlela vanga, chApati, amti and Bhat. They serve shengdana, karala, and other chutneys.

IMG_0759 Kanda bhaji: very crispy and had that authentic Marathi taste and was not influenced by northern pakoras.

IMG_0743 Bharlela vanga: coconut and groundnut grinded with masala… Awesome taste was not sweet.IMG_0745Chapatis: Ghadichya polya…..just soft!!!!!IMG_0746

Amti Bhat: they had variety of rice types I choose ambemor . Nicely cooked it had that typical homemade taste. Amti was simply delicious.

IMG_0744 All the above food costed me for 700 for 2 which is reasonable for a fine fine experience

J1 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Fisherman’s Wharf, Goa

Fisherman's Wharf Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Goa, supposedly heaven on earth for many. Infact Enjoyment should be defined as “Goa” in dictionary.  Most of the time I have preferred to stay in Panjim while in Goa, this time however opted to stay in South Goa.
While our stay was in Holiday inn, we thought of going for a stroll and have dinner in the known restaurants around.
We asked the security at the gate and some locals around they all pointed us to “Fisherman’s Wharf”.IMG_0425We completely underestimated that name as we thought that it would be some local Goan food place. But on entering the hotel we realized that it was not just so.Situated on the bank of river, FW is intrinsically built to showcase the Fisherman’s essentials. Be it his boat, or net or other day to day tools.IMG_0424The place is divided into two areas, indoors and outdoors. While indoors are typical like a restaurant would be, the outdoor seating is as shown in a Romantic Bollywood movie. IMG_0422River on one side, dining table with that gloomy light and some light music going on in background. Perfect for a DATE.IMG_0423About the food:
As we were a group of vegetarians and non-vegetarians we could taste both categories. In starters we had ordered Crispy Chicken and Mezza Platter.
Crispy Chicken:
The chicken was very juicy and tender, was cooked aptly. The batter used was very typical with a slight hint of herbs and black pepper. It was nicely dressed with spring onions and served with tomato ketchup. It was not hot as it appeared to be. Crispy for sure it was.IMG_0426Mezza platter:
Had a lot of sauces like humus, mayonnaise, olives dipped in oil with chillis with some tikkis and pitta bread. Humus was extremely fresh so much such that chichpeas flavor could be easily made out. Tikkis were made from grean peas may be.IMG_0427Apart from this we had Chicken Xacuti with plain roti and had ordered stuffed kulcha for the vegetarians.

Chicken Xacuti: It is chicken cooked in Goan style by roasting spices and coconut. It is in form of curry and I found it similar to Marathi style except that is less hot. It is spicy. It tasted good with steamed rice than roti.Stuffed kulcha was good as well.IMG_0420The quality of food served was good, however the service was slow. Besides that day they had some issue in their kitchen and the food was served almost 1 and half later.  IMG_0418The ambience and the band kept us entertained. Most of the people had left already  left but that did not instigate me to revert my ratings. IMG_0417It happens. But do visit FW if in South Goa.

Diwali2015-Laxmi Pujan-11th-November

Laxmi Puja the only day when I had a holiday. Hence I could elaborately concentrate on almost everything and do whatever planned.

Be it Rangoli..IMG_0655IMG_0653Or the pending Faral items like Shankarpali

IMG_0633All the diyas were lit

IMG_0650Aakash kandil or lantern in its full glow

IMG_0648And of course “Laxmi puja” with complete devotion.

IMG_0642Lord Ganesha cannot be forgottenIMG_0640

Wishing everybody a very happy Diwali and may this Diwali light up good thoughts in you

My First #ZomatoMeetup

Krustys Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I  have been writing reviews on Zomato for years now. That was just to share my food experiences with others and no other expectations.IMG_0502 However, one fine day I got a call from “vaishanavi Meghe” who is a community engagement leader at Zomato.  She is the part of team who organizes Zomato meetups.

IMG_0500When she invited I had no clue as to what happens at the meetup. I might have declined her invites for about 3 times in row and could not resist the fourth one. This was hosted by Zomato at Krusty’s, KP-Pune.


Being in KP, it was comparatively nearby for me. The invite was for a Dinner.

There were about 7-8 super foodies from Pune at the meetup, whom I could have never met otherwise.


The Zomato team ensured that we all are comfortable with the location, with the food options and all other aspects to make it a good experience for the foodies.

Being a vegetarian for that day, the number of veggie options was almost equal to nonveg options.

IMG_0486We were offered about 15-16 items from the menu right from Welcome drink to dessert.I had never had such delicious, mouthwatering pizzas, pastas and raviolis before. The desserts were truly icing on the top.


This was the first time I was visiting Krustys, and trust me I would have never visited the place as it was not known to me. However, I regret not being there earlier as they have fantastic food options.


They mostly deal in pizzas, pastas and sandwiches with some mouth watering desserts. They keep changing their menu every season to accommodate the seasonal variety w.r.t veggies and fruits.


While talking to Vidya and Rohan who are owners of Krustys we realized how difficult it is to run a restaurant. We could speak to them right from the recipe to hiring processes and they answered all the questions very honestly.

IMG_0489The best part that I liked about the entire evening was the experiences shared by Vidya. She is a dynamite and an excellent cook.

IMG_0495She shared with us the philosophy “When you invite someone home, you should offer them what is home-made. Be it dal-chawal, you don’t want to show them that you can afford food from hotel”….

IMG_0496That was the learning for me apart from the delicious food I had right from pizzas, raviolis, pastas to the chocolate orange pudding she prepared by her own hands.


Thanks to #ZomatoMeetup again.

Hoping to attend few more.


Diwali 2015-Dhanteras-Day1-9th November

This year Diwali was special to me for the reason that we were celebrating it in our new home.IMG_0649Which had more options to flaunt the creativity and use lamps, lights and colors.


Also, it coincided with my Birthday: D. While I had decided to complete the home-décor by Sunday itself.

I could not really as I went cleaning spree on Saturday and Sunday. Nevertheless, I could manage to draw a Rangoli and make some Faral.

On day-1, I landed up making Besan ladoos (recipes will follow soon) and Chakali (my favorite).

IMG_0624On this day we use Dhane (coriander seeds) while worshipping.While people are still shopping, lights in few houses and aroma of faral is already out.

Happy Diwali!!!!

Bhalekar khanaval,Sawantwadi

Whenever we plan a Goa trip, we prefer to stay at Sawantwadi. This time however we changed our preferences and stayed in Goa itself.

While our journey back home, we had halted at Sawantwadi for lunch. I checked with Amruta(who is our friend and our Sawantwadi official host) for the possible lunch options and she suggested “Bhalekar Khanawal”.

As it was Sunday the place was overcrowded. If you judge it from the outer appearance you will miss really something nice. The place is small and those who like to have food at hygienic place may opt out.

But let me tell you that the kitchen is neat and clean. The people who serve food are clean as well and food they serve is delicious.

IMG_0442They serve about 100 people at a time and people are ready to wait for hours together for the love of seafood.

We ordered Surmai fish thali and Vegetrian Fish thali. The fish was fresh. The thali included dry fish, gravy, chapatti and rice with sol-kadi. The dry preparation was simply awesome. The chapatis were soft and hot. The rice had that coastal flavor. Still lingering …..

Overall an extremely satisfying place for sea-food.

!!!!!! Anna-devta sukhi bhava!!!!!

Gulab Jamoon Modak

With Ganesh festival going on and exhausted with the options to make modak, I landed up making gulab jamoons in shape of modak.

IMG_0315It is pretty easy and instant to make.I had a 400 gms Chitale Gulab jamoon mix.IMG_0314

I followed the procedure mentioned behind the pack :DExcept for the shape of jamoons. I used the modak mould and created jamoons in modak shape.IMG_0312Fried and dipped in the sugar syrup.IMG_0316And that’s it!!!IMG_0318It took me about half an hour for preparing the same and about a minute to eat the same.