Eco-friendly Ganesha Idol making workshop @LikeArt Gallery

Thanks to Rashmi Tapadia of “LikeArt gallery”for inviting the “Rotary inspira” members for the workshop. Being a member I could join the gang for a creative evening in a beautifully located Art gallery.


Rashmi’s art gallery is located on Baner-Pashan link road and is surrounded by hills. She has been hosting these workshops for years now with Mr. Thakkar.


Mr. Dilip Thakkar is an advocate by profession and a pottery artist by passion. He has given up his professional career and is now following his passion full time.Making Ganesh idol from eco-friendly clay is one of his favorite and that is what he is known for. He is known for his simplicity.

He uses very simple and easily available tools for his work like a pen, pencil and pointer for features. Extremely modest Mr. Thakkar said he has learnt pottery by himself.


While making the Ganesh idol he explained that the clay used in market for making eco-friendly is not productive, as in it dissolve but nothing can be grown on the same.

The clay he uses is productive. If used in pots, seeds can germinate through the same.


The way he makes the idol seems to be very easy and for a moment we think “yes we can do it”. But I bet it is not that easy. It needs skill and experience to create that artifact.

Consistency of the clay, right amount of water and correct temperature for drying the idol are factors of prime importance.IMG_0244Overall it was a fantastic learning experience with a bunch of beautiful and enthusiastic inspiras and the modest Mr. Thakkar.


May God Ganesh bless him and we have more and more people using the eco-friendly Ganesh.

IMG_0230Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!

Incase anybody wishes to attend this workshop and learn there is one more planned. Following are the details:

12th September 2015, 3-6  PM @LetArtGallery, 301, 18 high street,Baner-Pashan link road, Baner, Pune.



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  1. Indeed thoughtful way of celebrating our favourite festivals, in an eco-friendly manner. Its the need of the hour.

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