For a friend’s wedding

Weddings are always exciting for various reasons. IMG_2949

To me it is exciting because there is so much of décor, so many rituals, and so many people involved with so much of energy.. the + energy!!

I was invited to do  décor for a friend’s wedding, something that could be done @ their home.

IMG_2952They have a beautiful bungalow located @Kothrud, Pune. IMG_2953

Which gave me opportunity to draw a nice big Rangoli at the entrance. IMG_2951

Another one with Samai as an Artifact at the landing, IMG_2945



And one more in the living area.IMG_2940

They had nice brass artifact, which we decorated further.

IMG_3022 IMG_3024

And this lovely Diya in the staircase.. said it all. WELCOME ALL!!


thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated

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