Yes, of course Sanskar bharti is an organisation which runs activities to conserve arts and Indian traditions. I was able to get the link which will elaborate more about Sanskar-bharti.


 you can join the FB page:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/478721825563717 to know more

My first introduction to Sanskar bharti was years back, when I saw rangoli made in front of several ganesh mandaps . They were tagged as “Sanskar Bharti”. On inquiring more about it, I came to know about the various activities they conduct. Out of a zeal to learn something new, I walked to the nearby hall where they used to conduct Rangoli classes.

The first time I went there and before I could walk into the hall, I saw that the shoes were placed properly in line. As in they were kept neatly, and not the usual way that we see outside the temples or hospitals or our house 😀 That made a huge impression on my mind. 
Sanskar Bharti is not just about Arts, but about basic “sanskaras”

Besides learning Rangoli, what i really learnt from them is modesty. In various events whether it was Residential workshops or other functions. I came across people who are so down to earth and so humble. Everything taught(though part of ancient tradition) is very logical and do have some scientific significance. For example: The first symbol taught in Rangoli class is:

Bindoo : In plain geometry it is just a “dot”, but when explained in class it is representation of mother Earth and they also say that in literature everything starts with a “period” and ends with “period”. Every symbol is explained in such an interesting manner that anybody can relate to it and understand quickly. 

Moving further one is taught to work as a team. A group of 4-5 people make one rangoli . Every person is allocated a task, and yet they have to draw it in a way such that it looks integrated. One symbol might be allocated to 2-3 guys, but when you see the rangoli it becomes difficult to guess which one was drawn by whom 😀 Isn’t it a interesting management funda that normally we read in Management books ? Perhaps one of the best team activity

After being associated with Sanskar-bharti actively/dormant, I always feel that it is a way to life. Perhaps a turn in my life, which got me on the path of creativity and arts. Thinking beyond the square of life and learning together. I registered with them to learn rangoli and what i learnt is humongous values which can change your life !!!!

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