Chaitra Gauri Haldi kunku

Chaitra embarks beginning of new year for Maharashtrians.  “Gudi Padwa/Ugadi/Baisakhi” are celebrated in this month.

Nature renews itself in this month. We will see new leafs sprouting in this month, some trees are already covered with light green color leafs. This is also the season of mangoes, oranges, grapes, water and musk melon.

In Maharashtrian  Brahmins they have a tradition of celebrating “chaitra-gauri haldi kunku”. Traditionally, married women would invite all the other married women in the neighborhood for celebrating chaitra together. In this celebration, they would pamper their friends with Jasmine(Mogra) gajras, they would make “Kairi panhe(raw mango mixed with jaggery to make a cold drink) and serve with “dal-kairi”. Dal-kairi is made of raw mangoes with harbara dal.  This to me seems like an networking technique.  Serve what is available in that season and locally.

I love to celebrate anything and everything that takes me back to roots. And for last two years I have been celebrating this.  This also gives me an opportunity  to revamp my connections in today’s so called busy life.

There is a ritual associated with this, wherein Lordess Annapurna and the Kuldevi is work shipped.  They would decorate the swing with Jasmine and make the Lordess sit in it.

Different people use different themes every year. And I am one of them.  I too made use of lot of flowers and raw mangoes for my celebrations.  Chat is all time favorite and good to have in Summers which is why I thought of having it in my menu.

Everybody is very talented, hence these are the events where I promote my amazingly talented friends.  My youngest friend @veda playing Violin.

My beautiful friend @kalpana performing some part of Geet-Ramayan.

The dress code was “anything in green”

I thought of adding my Chaitra Gauri-2019 here itself. This years theme was “Gajj-gamini” and the dress code was “anything in yellow”

Gajj-gamini meaning Lordess sitting on Elephant.


It was so good to see all my friends dressed up “yellow”

With so much heat outside, I decided to have “barf-gola” in my menu.

Here is the link to the  invite that I used for this program. I hope you enjoyed reading.. Any feedback is appreciated.



thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated

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