Diwali 2015-Dhanteras-Day1-9th November

This year Diwali was special to me for the reason that we were celebrating it in our new home.IMG_0649Which had more options to flaunt the creativity and use lamps, lights and colors.


Also, it coincided with my Birthday: D. While I had decided to complete the home-décor by Sunday itself.

I could not really as I went cleaning spree on Saturday and Sunday. Nevertheless, I could manage to draw a Rangoli and make some Faral.

On day-1, I landed up making Besan ladoos (recipes will follow soon) and Chakali (my favorite).

IMG_0624On this day we use Dhane (coriander seeds) while worshipping.While people are still shopping, lights in few houses and aroma of faral is already out.

Happy Diwali!!!!

thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated

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