Dohale Jevan (Baby Shower)

Dohale jevan is a custom followed by Maharashtrians and is very similar to God bharai in north Indians or baby shower.  It is also known as “OTI bharan” to some.


It is generally performed in 7th or 9th month of pregnancy.

They say Dohale jevan means: The word “Doh” is two and the mother is called “dohalkareen” meaning women with two hearts. It is said that beginning with 7th month the baby starts suggesting her wish through mother, and hence Dohale jevan is to fulfill all her cravings.


My entire family was very excited about this event and had so many ideas.

Right from the dress code to activities in the event.


This particular event is also accompanied by a ritual called “Garbha sanskar” which is “hom/havan” with puja.

After searching for lot of event managers we came across “Patankars” who had a unique way of doing Dohale jevan. We all liked it and went with them.

They have beautiful setup especially their stage décor..it is awesome. Besides they also have messages put on flower designs.


They have variety of “Wadis” (Wadi meaning accessories made from flower so that the pregnant lady does not feel the weight of jewelry).

They have a unique play designed specifically for DohaleJevan. It is mixture of dialogues and songs.


The information as to why the women is made to sit on lotus, Moon or why is she made to hold the Dhanushya-baan was so well explained.


It basically is instigating the five senses. They say that @Dohale jevan ceremony all the friends and family pray for the good health of the mother and baby. Everybody prays to have the baby born with good character as shining as the Moon, is brave (Dhanushya-baan) and Wise(lotus).


I was simply overwhelmed with the celebrations as everybody made it really special for me.



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  1. Hello,
    > I would want to know some information on dohal jevan function which I plan to have in March 2016. Could you pls email me the details with Pricing?
    > Thank you
    > Sarika

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