Ganesh Utsav-2015

Ganapati festival is one of my favorites for the reason that it has begun in Pune and every year it is celebrated with great fervor everywhere. It is a different atmosphere everywhere.

Atmosphere of faith, belief and religious activities.IMG_0267Ganesh utsav means all the markets are flooded with different items used for decoration, be it for mandals or “gharcha ganpati”.IMG_0252

Lot of creative ideas are seen which definitely shows the presence of Lord of creativity-Ganesha.IMG_0266

At my home, we celebrate the festival with the same zeal as a normal Punekar would.IMG_0286Every year we have a different theme. This year it was “Red-The color Red”.IMG_0315The flowers, the decoration and food, almost everything in red.IMG_0291We have Ganesha for 1 and half day generally called as “deed(1&1/2) divas). Some people have it for 5, some 7 and some all the 11 daysIMG_0326At my mother’s place we have it for all days.. We also have Gauri!!!!IMG_0322Faral for gauri includes sweets and food items, atleast 28 in number.IMG_0327Previously I used to create makhar/temples from thermacoal , but nowadays I prefer the ecofriendly way.IMG_0320

Bappa comes, conquers our heart and leaves with a promise to come back. Ganpati Bappa morya, pudchya  varshi lavakar ya!!


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