Invitation for “Chaitra Gauri Haldi Kunku”

Whenever we think of celebrating something with our near and dear ones, we spend lot of time on arrangements. We rarely emphasize on the invite that we send. I personally believe that invitation is an first impression of the event you plan to organize and equal attention should be paid to the same. It should not be a template. I insist you take help from people who are good at words.

Make it more personal and as clear as possible. Lot of people appreciate me for the creative invites I use. Here is me sharing the best of the invitations i have wrote for “Chaitra Gauri” haldi kunku.

Here is the one in Marathi which I used in 2018:



I generally send reminders after sending invitations.. that helps.

Here is the one for Chaitra Gauri 2019.

Please feel free to copy/use the content and give credit whenever possible.

thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated

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