Mahashivratri – भक्तांनी भक्तीने केलेला उत्सव

Mahashivratri or Shivratri is a widely celebrated Hindu festival. It is believed that on this day lord Shiva married Ma Parvati. Being a super religious person Shivratri holds lot of importance to me. Reading through the mythology books and watching serials like Mahadev have created a special attraction for lord Shiva.  That is topped with Shiva trilogy by Amish..

IMG_3222Recently while watching the TV serial “Jai –malhar”, I liked the statement which khandoba (An avatar of lord Shiva) makes about Shivratri. He says that Shivratri is celebration of bhakti/devotion.

IMG_3208I have fond memories of Mahashivratri and Someshwar Wadi temple. Around 20 years back, Aundh use to be a very small village in Pune City and so were the nearby areas like Pashan and Baner.I remember my mom taking us to Someshwarwadi temple on Mahashivratri. We use to actually walk down from Aundh till Pashan. The Someshwarwadi temple is situated besides Ram nadi which is now converted to Nala..The temple is made from Stone and is surrounded by lot of trees, trees as old as the temple is and home for birds.

©Smieetaa Dimber'sIf you are in Pune, then you should visit the temple. Recently they have renovated the temple and now it looks more beautiful.The localities celebrate mahashivrati with great fervor and delight. The temple is decorated with beautiful flower garlands, lights and rangolies. This year is special to me as I too participated in the pre-festival preparation. Lot of people keep a fast and follow vigil on Shivratri night.

IMG_3214Some special meals are made for the fast. Some people believe in wearing white as that seems to be Lord Shiva’s favorite color. Meals include sabudana wade or khichadi or fruit salads or bhagar and danyachi aamti. I love all of it 😉 And of course Lord Shiva!!!

Om namah Shivay!!!!IMG_3234





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