Makar Sankrant-The only festival when black rules!!

Sankrant the first festival of the Calendar year(Jan-Dec).  It is generally celebrated on 14th Jan/15th Jan. It is called a harvest festival and celebrated differently in various geographies of India.IMG_2864

More detail can be read @http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makar_Sankranti

The way we celebrate it at home is make Til-gul wadi, wear black and make bhogi chi bhaji. Bhogi chi bhaji(vegetable) is made using most of the vegetables available in market in this season . It is had with bajra roti.


We also make til-gul wadi. I know that til(sesame) is high in terms of energy. But why do we have it at the end of winters?IMG_2855

In Maharashtra people celebrate “pehli makar-sankrant” for the newly weds and toddlers(1-5) years. They are supposed to wear black and wear specially made halvyache dagine.1555394_776749142401034_7046550341524101370_n

For toddlers, we also have “bor-nhan(bor=jujube and nhan=bath). The kid dressed up in Krishna attire and then bathed with bor,chocolates,biscuits, coins and whatever the parents wish too..


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