Rangoli Workshops

10641004_723766054366010_8083662943528046423_nRangoli has been my passion ever since i learnt it the sanskar-bharti style.Sanskar-bharti Rangoli is known for its largeness, color combinations and carpet like feel.  While in sansk
ar bharti I did attend several classes and had learnt some. 10408083_882144561796911_8443472841191696484_nStarted drawing wherever and whenever i could get an chance 🙂 my own familiy functions or society programs or college functions or office functions.


While drawing for a society function someone asked me if I could conduct classes? I knew that i was not an Pro to do the same, so thought that may be i can conduct Workshops. 10410399_879712445373456_6109553480875177342_nSome basic workshop which would than atleast  give some idea about Sanskar-bharti and how to begin.With help of some friends advertised about the workshop and got an amazing response.

Knowledge improves on sharing…is what i learnt from this experience.  10420310_889518567726177_5123738294441060518_nThe audience included small girls..to elderly ladies ..everyone full of enthusiam and in zeal to learn something new.


Wow..we took about 6-7 workshops in different societies belonging to different areas of pune. The feeling of sharing knowledge and doing something you love is invaluable.Looking forward for some more and for a large audience.







thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated

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