Tilachi Vadi-Makar Sankrant-2016

Last year the ladoos I made were too hard and sticky, so had a challenge of making it right this year.After going through so many food blogs, and checking with everybody I finally started with my little knowledge  in cooking..

IMG_1031We need very few ingredients for making til(sesame) wadi.


1 cup – Sesame/Til,

1 cup- Groundnut powder,

1 cup – jaggery,

2 tbsp-Ghee,

Cardamomom and nutmeg powder,

To begin, roast groundnut and sesame seeds separately. Let it cool.

IMG_1021IMG_1020Remove the ground nut cover and grind it coarsely. Repeat the same for Sesame seeds.IMG_1022

Make sure they are not roasted too much..as it will taste bitter.

Next  heat the pan pour Ghee in it and add jaggery. Allow the jaggery to melt and foam.


When that happens, switch off the heat. Mix the sesame powder and ground powder.


Add cardamom and nutmeg for flavor.Take a square plate with deep bottom, grease it with ghee and spread the mixture uniformly.

IMG_1025Use knife to make pieces while it is warm. Once it cools you will not be able too.



Try it!!! and let me know your comments…

thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated

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