Bhalekar khanaval,Sawantwadi

Whenever we plan a Goa trip, we prefer to stay at Sawantwadi. This time however we changed our preferences and stayed in Goa itself.

While our journey back home, we had halted at Sawantwadi for lunch. I checked with Amruta(who is our friend and our Sawantwadi official host) for the possible lunch options and she suggested “Bhalekar Khanawal”.

As it was Sunday the place was overcrowded. If you judge it from the outer appearance you will miss really something nice. The place is small and those who like to have food at hygienic place may opt out.

But let me tell you that the kitchen is neat and clean. The people who serve food are clean as well and food they serve is delicious.

IMG_0442They serve about 100 people at a time and people are ready to wait for hours together for the love of seafood.

We ordered Surmai fish thali and Vegetrian Fish thali. The fish was fresh. The thali included dry fish, gravy, chapatti and rice with sol-kadi. The dry preparation was simply awesome. The chapatis were soft and hot. The rice had that coastal flavor. Still lingering …..

Overall an extremely satisfying place for sea-food.

!!!!!! Anna-devta sukhi bhava!!!!!

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