One fine day my husband came to me and said “Let us go for a long long drive”!! I always had Tarkarli on my wish list as is and that was the time…

Tarkarli a small beach located in Malvan, not known to many then. The only resort known in Tarkarli was MTDC. As ours was unplanned trip, we did not have any reservations.

We reached Tarkarli around 12.30 midnight and there was hardly anybody to ask.


We could somehow manage to ask someone and they suggested Bluewater Resort.  DSC_0560

Luckily we got some accommodation. BWR is a good resort to stay in. They have good, clean and hygienic rooms. DSC_0552

It is a very well decorated hotel, especially the reception area. DSC_0555

Decorated with wood and terracotta artifacts. DSC_0553

they have their own private beach. Generally beaches in Tarkarli are clean. bw


Once you check-in, you can rent a bike and go around the place.


You can enjoy water sports, or simply go for boat rides or walk down to nearest household for a paid lunch.


Simple..and peaceful. Some more information can be found @http://www.bluewaterresort.in



thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated

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