Kanchipuram – Home of Silk Weavers

Kanchipuram – Home of Silk Weavers

As soon as the car driver realized that I am a shopaholic, he changed the route to include maximum shopping places of my interest. When travelling from Tirupati to Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram is on the way. Kanchipuram is also known as “City of temples” and has many architectural wonders.

Some 30 kms away from Kanchipuram

The history of Kanchipuram goes like this, it is said that in the era of King Krishna Devaraya of the Chola Dynasty about 400 years ago, the two major weaving communities called the Devangas and the Saligars of Andhra Pradesh, migrated to Kanchipuram. Since, the city had many temples there was a huge number of pilgrims visiting city. In South, if one is visiting the temple, they have to wear traditional clothes. This reason gave an opportunity to the Devangas and Saligars to settle here. As soon as one enters the city, one can see the hoardings of different Silk saree shops.

The lanes are narrow. And the city is comparatively small. I visited a place which has weaving factory right next to the store.

Silk Saree shop

Kanchipuram fabric is known for its softness, lustre and bold colors. Typically worn in functions like marriage or some festivals. Embedded with Zari, the zari work decides the price and quality of the saree. Higher the quality desired, higher the price.

Kancheepuram Silk sarees

The price for sarees range from 800/- to 1 lakh INR. I am glad I could see both types.

Making of Sarees is done using the “Korvai” technique wherein the body of the saree and the pallu are different. The saree is made from the mulberry silk thread and is double wrapped on the yarn making it more durable.

Weaving yarn

The weaver will first create the border, and then club with the body. The simplest saree takes about a weeks time and the finest about a month. They use different patterns to weave the saree. Motifs on saree like a flower, leaf or birds are common.

I was overwhelmed by the work and the information the weavers provided. Something which they have been inheriting for years now. I told them that I will add this on my blog. They were very happy and told me to promote their shop. They also told, that if one wants to buy they can simply Whtsapp on the number and they will courier the saree. Happy Online Shopping.

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