Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram – A World UNESCO heritage!

UNESCO World heritage site, Divine beaches and Stone Sculptures. Yes, that is what Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram has to offer apart from their scenic coastal ride. Mahabalipuram is about 57 kms from Chennai. The drive is simply picturesque and you will enjoy every meter of it. On the left side you should see the Bay of bengal and fields on the right. The roads are pretty smooth. One major tourist attraction in mahabalipuram is the “Seashore temple”. It is called so as it overlooks the Bay of Bengal. One can notice many shrines and smaller temples.

Seashore temple

In my visit, I could spend time watching dance festival arranged by the Tourism department of Tamil Nadu for promoting the traditional dances of India.

Dance festival @ Seashore temple

One more tourist attraction is “Arjuna’s penance” which is .

Arjuna’s penance

The piece of work depicts one of the stories from Mahabharata. It is

The stone sculptures made here are from single stone and will range from 2000/- for a smallest piece to 80000/- for a 5 feet piece.

One can see such stone factories on both sides of the road as soon as you enter Mahabalipuram

The stone used is Granite.

All the tourist spots in Mahabalipuram can be covered in a day, however if one wishes to stay than there are options like Four point Sheraton, and many more 3 star resorts. I stayed at a place called as Anora beach resort which is 30 KM away from Mahabalipuram city.

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