WildOrchid, Havelock

Andaman!!   Heaven!

I had an opportunity to visit Andaman with few of our friends. It was a trip planned 6 months in advance. It was a week-long trip which included 3 days stay at Havelock Island. Havelock islands the most beautiful island I visited so far.

Our stay was booked at the “Wild Orchids” resort. Extremely beautiful and Eco-friendly place.

DSC04026Once you enter you are received at a comparatively cooler reception. Decorated by simple locally grown flowers and cane furniture.

DSC03963Behind the reception, they have a big dining area which has some view of the sea.

DSC04027The reception area also does have some books and activities for leisure time.

DSC04060 They have got their own private beach, which is absolutely clean and quite.

DSC03964They have got beautiful cottages and rooms. All the rooms are made from material easily available in Andaman and interiors are designed to cater the basic needs. NO ACS, NO TV and NO WIFI: D

DSC04024This place is also known for its delicious food, especially fish.

DSC04058The resorts also runs a lot of water sports and have authentic equipment for the same.

DSC04022The good part about this place is everything is close by 5 PM. The only way to commute to nearby shopping places is cycle or walk. Hence it becomes mandatory to have early dinner and spend rest of the time with near and dear ones.

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