My second Zomato Meetup @ Season’s hotel

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I was invited for the second Zomato meetup at the Mélange hotel in Aundh.  As it rained very badly that day and Mélange being a rooftop hotel the venue was shifted from Melange to Seasons hotel.They share the same kitchen and chefs.IMG_0772

This was not the first time I went to Seasons as I had been there for some team lunches earlier. The food had been average and I did not expect a lot when the venue was shifted.Most of the menu was changed as well. However, this time the food quality was improved.


The chicken served was tender and delicious.


I opted to have roti, sabji and some noodles as they looked good.  The good part about this meet was I could meet more foodies in the western side of pune and also my opinion for Season’s changed.



thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated

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