Oh c’mon! Move faster people.. move faster!
“No matter how early I start, i have to halt at this signal.. crazy. Tejashree, you better start early tomorrow! Said Tejashree to herself”. An architect by profession, she was a pampered girl at home. No wonder, it was getting difficult for her to stay alone and manage everything by self in the city of Mumbai. But, this was the city she was always attracted too, which is what pulled her to pursue her architect degree in Mumbai and of course the ample number of opportunities added to that.
Somehow, for last 3-4 years she was able to cope up with her loneliness and was getting competent enough to manage her own problems!! Own self!!

She was heading 2-4 projects single handedly quiet capably when she was asked to lead a group of enthusiasts in her office for an inter-office event.. being a workaholic and in a zeal to prove herself she accepted the offer. She had no interest in art or event as such. It was this event for which she had to be in her office by 8.00 am…it was the first day of the practice!! But who will explain all this to the “red yellow green” light?

Finally she got the green. When she reached the office, she found that there was no one but just her. She started reaching out those who had signed up, when suddenly she saw a person coming in. “Hi Tejashree”. Tejashree had seen this person in office ample number of times, but never worked with him directly which is why she did not knew him. “Hi, Good morning. Sorry, I forgot your name”.
“No worries, my name is Rudra and I will be your partner in crime for making this event a flop show”.
Tejashree: hi Rudra, i don’t think i will let that happen. As i assure success in anything i do.
Rudra: i know that Teja..bheja
Tejashree was little amused as nobody had called her as Teja-bheja in last many years..
She smiled at Rudra and settled her emotions so that she avoid revealing that she liked that.
Few more people joined both of them and they started their work.
After the practice, they would get back to their work as if they never knew each other.

Week passed by and the team had made good progress. It was just 5 more days to go for the event..

“Good morning Rudra! Are you not joining for the practice”
Rudra: give me 5 mins, i shall call you back.
Tejashree: Rudra, i don’t expect this from you. atleast you need to be on time.

“ i shall call you back” replied Rudra and dropped the call…

He must have been in a late night party. irresponsible bugger!! If you aren’t capable then one should not take responsibility!! Lot of thoughts kept pestering Tejashree!!
She turned her blue tooth on and started listening to her favorite song
“Jarasi aahat hoti he toh Dil sochta he”..
Her phone rang.. it was Dilip her husband calling her.

Tejashree: Hi Dilip, how are you?
Dilip: Teja, I wanted to know who is picking Balak on this Weekend.
Tejashree: Dilip, I have a event on this weekend, and I was expecting you to pick him. You both should come for this event.
Dilip: Oh, Tejashree I cannot pick him as I have some important work to handle in my office.
Tejashree: Tell me something new ..Dilip!!
Dilip: Please manage it this time, and I promise to do it next.
Tejashree: How many false promises Dilip? and How long?
Dilip: Please Tejashree don’t start it again..
Tejashree: Please don’t call me again to remind me of my duties. ..
She could not control her tears as she thought Dilip would have called her up for wishing her “Happy Birthday”. But engrossed in himself, Dilip never looked for anything but himself. While she was trying to wipe her eyes and clean the messed makeup.. she heard somebody singing
“Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you” .. the entire team along with Rudra was standing with a cake and flowers in hand. This was the first time ever in her life she witnessed this.
Happy birthday Teja-bheja. Thanks Rudra..said Tejashree and hugged Rudra as if she was waiting for this opportunity for a long time. Now, I know where were you.
Rudra: I was with my daughter in hospital as she again had “epilepsia attack”.
Tejashree: Oh, I am sorry Rudra!! I am so sorry to have misunderstood you.
Rudra: That is OK..
Tejashree: You should be taking her care with your wife than.
Rudra: My wife is no more Tejashree..
Tejashree: No more? What do you mean by that Rudra.
Rudra: My wife’s name was Tejashree too..and I use to fondly call her “Teja-bheja” she passed away while delivering my only hope to live my daughter ” Gunjan”

There was a big pause in the room……

Rudra: that’s Ok.. forget that. I am going to be here for an hour. Let us practice for sometime.
Tejashree: are you sure? We can opt out of the event.
Rudra: not required!! I have someone to take care of Gunjan..
The entire group cheered for both Gunjan and Rudra. Everybody kept preparing for next 2 days. Costumes, lights and sound. Tejashree managed to pick her son Balak from his boarding school. She also decided to move him to a a school close to her office post the event. She was moving out of the silo she had created for her own.. last 1 day was remaining….

“That is not done! You both have to be here. You are the main cast” Tejashree was not able to control neither convince that her main cast for the event was not able to make it.
“Oh God, now what Rudra” asked Tejashree
Rudra: Don’t you worry Tejashree.. jaha pani kum waha hum!!
Tejashree: you must be kidding Rudra..
Rudra: no Teja-bheja. I will be the substitute for one of the missing person
Tejashree: do you even know his role? His dailogue? How are you going to dance!!
We will do it Tejashree!
Tejashree: it is not possible..
Rudra: it is !

Rudra’s phone rang. He was asked to join a meeting for his involvement in designing of an very important project.. even though everybody else was practicing Tejashree kept on looking at Rudra through the glasses of meeting room while he was presenting.
How can he be this perfect? With so much of stress around, how can he manage work, his daughter, and in the evening he wants to dance too? How?? Where does he get the energy from? Look at me!! Just did not think beyond work.. Tejashree could not control her thoughts!!

While Tejashree kept watching Rudra while he was presenting, he did notice her watching him. Later, towards the end of the practice session it was decided that both Tejashree and Rudra will perform as substitutes for the missing pair. Everybody in the team were happy to have their co-coordinators as part of their team.
Rudra: What happened Tejashree, why are you so nervous?
Tejashree: I am so nervous Rudra, I have never performed on Stage.
Rudra: Don’t you worry!! We all are actors by default.
We keep smiling even when we want to cry, we keep our calm even when we are angry. We put up with life even when we don’t want to? Isn’t ? So why not on stage?
Tejashree: Yes!! That is true.
Rudra: We will be fine..
Tejashree: Do you know who is getting the best employee of the year award Rudra?
Rudra: No clue, I really do not care about it. Do you?
Tejashree: I do hope someday I get it…
Rudra: Oh is it..
Tejashree: Anyway, see you in the evening with Gunjan
Rudra: Yes.
Tejashree left office as she had to prepare for the event. As the sunset, the stage was all lit with different lights. It all appeared as if glamorous.
Rudra: Looking super awesome Tejashree. You should wear that more often.
Tejashree: Really? Thank you so much.
Rudra: Come, it is our time to go on the stage.
He cheered for the team. Everybody performed really well and what really surfaced up was the chemistry between Rudra and Tejashree. Everybody just loved them together, so did they.
After the event, Tejashree did receive the award as Rudra had influence the team deciding the awards.

Next day, while having a coffee in her office Tejashree realized that in last few weeks she was attracted to Happiness.. something which she was missing for many years. Rudra was just a catalyst.. And expecting anything from somebody else is just a myth.

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