An interview with “Sharvari Kalantre” of “yogsakhi” group-Dombivali-Mangala Gauriche khel

As I am getting to know more groups performing “Mangala gauriche  khel”,  my excitement level is increasing and I am feeling extremely proud of the fact that we all are really fortunate to still witness such power houses.

People who value our tradition and are trying their level best to retain the same.  I am quite sure that it must be challenging and all the more challenging if they have to retain it in an Metro city like Mumbai. In my search of groups, I happened to meet(virtually) “Sharvari Kalantre” who is part of a socially active group called as “Yog sakhi”. It is a group of 80-100 members who come together to have fun and do more of social activities.  As part of one of their social activities they perform “Managala Gauriche Khel“. Yog-sakhi was started by Rohini Pendharkar and Saroj Kalantre.

“Yog Sakhi” is their brain child. It is out of their efforts, energy and idea Yogsakhi came up with a group for “Mangala gaur”.

So how come an convent educated Mumbai ki ladki landed up in a group inclined to older customs and traditions?

“I completed  my primary education from “St Sebastian High School” located in Chembur and graduation in “Home Science” from Nirmala Niketan.  I am a Dietician by profession. I wanted to give my kids complete attention in their pre-formative years and hence i took a sabatical. During that phase, my Kaku-in-law (Mrs. Saroj Kalantre ) introduced me to “YogSakhi”. That is when i hit the floor”.

On asking about practices, she told me that they practice from 2-4 PM as that is the empty slot for all of them. Also, most of ladies in their group are entrepreneurs hence they can  manage. They start practicing a month before Shravan.

They are very particular about what they are wearing as they definitely want to put their best foot forward. “We wear  stuff that will go with the theme and is relevant”.

They perform at Dohale Jevan, barsa, and Women’s day events . For every performance the scripts are written by Saroj Kalantre . They modify it based on where it has to be performed.

Do you like performing in competitions, any good or bad experience?

“Sharvari says, Yogsakhi has performed in various competitions and have won many of them. The most remembered one was organised by Zee. We are fortunate that we always had good coverage and experiences”

I really admire the spirit of the ladies from “Yog-sakhi”, as doing all these activities with daily chores is an effort.  I respect them as they are helping the needy out of this income.

“We all do these programs purely for retaining our cultural values and part of the amount that we earn by performing these games goes for helping out the needy. We donate the money to pay school fees, or distribute books among st the needy kids. Our profit is “FUN” and “satisfaction “that we get after performing at various functions” says Sharvari.

Festivals and more respects and wishes all the good luck to Sharvari’s Yog-sakhi.

Here is the small video of their performance.



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