Review: Shakuntala @Avavaya Contemporary dance festival

I had never attended a dance festival as such. I always thought it would be something as shown in “Dil to pagal he” where they keep dancing on some theme. A big thanks to “Bhinoy Japher” for inviting us to a Contemporary dance festival called “Avavaya”.
Bhinoy is known to me as multitalented person who has a good mastery over dance. He briefed about the theme which they had planned for. It was a based on “Shakuntala”. I had seen different version of Shakuntala be it on Television, college plays, Bharatanatyam performance or a musical concert.
The show was hosted in Shamrao Kalmadi high school on 19th April 2015. They have a huge auditorium which caters the needs of a dance festival. We were half an hour late (as usual ;-)). When we reached “high kicks group” were performing. It took me some time to soak the happening.
After half an hour there was an announcement about “Shakuntala” by Space studios. I was all eager and excited to watch the same. The opening was by immensely sparkling dance performance depicting Walmiki and Menka‘s love story which gives birth to “Shakuntala”. The actress performing Shakuntala was dressed in red and was very good at her dialogue delivery. Swapnil Dagliya was performing Dushantya and “Bhinoy” played Yaksha.. The costumes were well planned and explained the characters well.


The romantic dance sequences between Shakuntala and Dushantya were very well choreographed and explained their chemistry well. The play was in Hinglish and easily understandable to one and all. The dialogues were written extremely well. Lights and sound combinations were well planned.
Entries and exits for the characters were too good. I loved the entry which Bhinoy took. He just jumped from the audience and everybody was startled.
And last but not the least the underlying truth “Shakuntala and love Lust” extremely well put up. Many congratulations and applaud to entire team for putting up such a well-planned show.
Great job folks!!
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