Stand for each other!!

Off recently I have been reading lot of blogs by women on “I am …mother” by both working and stay-at-home. I am a working woman too and I was trying to understand why we are justifying what we are doing.

Whether we stay at home or we work, it is by choice and nobody has forced us too. While explaining ourselves we are trying to prove each other bad. Why?

I read a blog, which said that working women go to work and browse internet, go for tea, coffee breaks and do lot of time pass. Oh Come on!!! With so much of competition around nobody is allowed to do that. And even if they do, they might have to work for extended hours. You are paid only for what you work, and the one sitting on top makes sure it happens that way.

Similarly, I read in another blog that staying at home does not necessarily mean spending quality time as they are the ones who increase the TRPs of serials and gossip all day through.

Why do we have to be so juvenile? Who has got that time, and honestly everybody does that not just women: D

In today’s world both working and at home women have help for housekeeping and other task. We should be thankful that we are born in a genre where some Men do help in house hold cores. We should be thankful that we are allowed to take our own decisions and speak for ourselves. We should be thankful that we are provided equal or better opportunities.

I have so many of my friends who are highly qualified and who preferred to stay at home by their own choice. They are enjoying it, because that is what they wanted to do. Similarly, half of my friends are working at much respected positions in organizations and they too are enjoying it balancing both sides. I know so many of them who are entrepreneurs and have to work more, take more risks and tough decisions as that is what “they love to do”.

None of them is bad..

Nobody has any right to prove them bad or guilty for whatever they are doing.

Why do we always have to prove the other person bad for proving ourselves right? Why can’t we just accept and respect each other’s choice?

I myself was so guilty after reading a blog/article by women who said women should not work after they have kid and that the kid should be their priority. For me my kid is my world and I believe so it should be the case for everybody else. But I love my work too. If I am not working, then I will be unhappy and that will percolate places.

What about the single moms? Do they have a choice? Are they bad? They work to provide support for their family and of course that kid too. You don’t even get a milk bag for free to raise a kid.

So why can’t we accept the same with the other working women, they might be working to provide support or for their mental or financial satisfaction or whatever.

Those who stay at home might have chosen to do that as they might have had personal reasons. They might be involved in some other activity or some might not be able to manage it. It is simply personal. And if one is not able to manage, they themselves need to accept it.

It is not written anywhere that every educated woman should work; neither is it written somewhere that every woman is supposed to stay at home. It is all about individual aspirations and dream. And of course destiny matters here too.

Have we ever read a blog on “yes, I am a working man” or “Yes, I am a business man” or “I am 24 hour working man ((I agree, they work too))…” We always read good things about them; because men hardly complain about each other (exceptions are there). Coming out of our own inferiorities, anxieties or superiorities is going to help us grow.  I personally feel we should stand for each other rather than against each other. If we stop blaming each other, the society is sure to follow. Nobody will dare to come and ask “you have a kid and are you still working? Or “Are you at home?”

Disclaimer: I am not preaching, neither I want to offend anyone. I am thinking loud, perhaps too loud.




thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated

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