Trip to “Poinsettia”

Last  weekend we got an opportunity to visit nurseries in Urli Kanchan near Pune.imageUrli Kanchan is approximately 30 kms from Pune and takes an hour or so based on traffic. It is famous for its plant nurseries.imageThanks to Suhas and my sister for shortlisting some nurseries which made my job easy. Otherwise it is way to confusing.image

We dropped in @Poinsettia. Poinsettia is owned by Suraj Papde.  DSC_3252Suraj gave us so many suggestions and information about the plants. They mostly have flowers, some fruits and indoor plants.image

The nursery is spread over 12 acres. Can wonder how big it is. They have got huge variety of roses.


Hibiscus..beautiful colors. Jumbo sizes. imageOrchids and many more.imageWe also met his Uncle, who has got strong knowledge of plants, and has got immense experience in nurturing the same. He is an extremely energetic person and a music lover too..DSC_3259Besides buying plants I enjoyed the trip as we could meet Suraj and his Uncle. See and click so many flowers.

thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated

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