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I  have been writing reviews on Zomato for years now. That was just to share my food experiences with others and no other expectations.IMG_0502 However, one fine day I got a call from “vaishanavi Meghe” who is a community engagement leader at Zomato.  She is the part of team who organizes Zomato meetups.

IMG_0500When she invited I had no clue as to what happens at the meetup. I might have declined her invites for about 3 times in row and could not resist the fourth one. This was hosted by Zomato at Krusty’s, KP-Pune.


Being in KP, it was comparatively nearby for me. The invite was for a Dinner.

There were about 7-8 super foodies from Pune at the meetup, whom I could have never met otherwise.


The Zomato team ensured that we all are comfortable with the location, with the food options and all other aspects to make it a good experience for the foodies.

Being a vegetarian for that day, the number of veggie options was almost equal to nonveg options.

IMG_0486We were offered about 15-16 items from the menu right from Welcome drink to dessert.I had never had such delicious, mouthwatering pizzas, pastas and raviolis before. The desserts were truly icing on the top.


This was the first time I was visiting Krustys, and trust me I would have never visited the place as it was not known to me. However, I regret not being there earlier as they have fantastic food options.


They mostly deal in pizzas, pastas and sandwiches with some mouth watering desserts. They keep changing their menu every season to accommodate the seasonal variety w.r.t veggies and fruits.


While talking to Vidya and Rohan who are owners of Krustys we realized how difficult it is to run a restaurant. We could speak to them right from the recipe to hiring processes and they answered all the questions very honestly.

IMG_0489The best part that I liked about the entire evening was the experiences shared by Vidya. She is a dynamite and an excellent cook.

IMG_0495She shared with us the philosophy “When you invite someone home, you should offer them what is home-made. Be it dal-chawal, you don’t want to show them that you can afford food from hotel”….

IMG_0496That was the learning for me apart from the delicious food I had right from pizzas, raviolis, pastas to the chocolate orange pudding she prepared by her own hands.


Thanks to #ZomatoMeetup again.

Hoping to attend few more.


thank you for reading. Feedback is appreciated

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